Security Services

We offer a wide range of professional security services serving virtually any need you may have at home or at work. Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Alert Security & Investigations, Inc. has an experienced staff of security guards to ensure security and peace of mind wherever and whenever you have a need. We can supply a single guard or deploy an integrated security team. We urge you to talk to us so that we may accurately assess your needs and exposures, then clearly outline your options.

Our guards provide safety, security, and peace of mind

    • Construction sites
    • Office buildings and business parks
    • Hotels and apartment complexes
    • Shopping Malls
    • Parking facilities
    • Hospitals
    • Gated communities
    • Automobile dealerships and automobile auctions

Event security

    • Concerts and sports events
    • Fairs and carnivals
    • Single day events or ongoing contracted security
    • Traffic control and crowd control

Vehicle patrols to increase our coverage and yours

    • Multiple sites
    • Large area or sprawling campus
    • Unscheduled drive-throughs and roving patrols

We Protect What You Value!

We employ the most competent security guards in the Hudson Valley because Alert Security Training School trains the most competent security guards in the Hudson Valley. Visit our Training page to learn more.

Private Investigation Services

We have a uniquely qualified team of Licensed Private Investigators, all with law enforcement experience, most with the NYPD or New York State Troopers. All have undergone extensive background checks to continue their employment with Alert Security, Inc. We offer an incredible array of private investigation services and basically will adapt our professional skills to whatever your needs may be. Our commitment to thorough investigations is your assurance of safety and security.

Our clients include

    • Private individuals
    • Small businesses
    • Law firms
    • Insurance companies
    • Industrial firms
    • Corporations of any size

 Private Individuals

    •  Personal security and bodyguards
    •  Accident investigations
    •  Missing persons
    •  Personal surveillance
    •  Identity Theft

Commercial Clients

    • Insurance fraud
    • Threat assessement and response
    • Asset searches
    • Embezzlement investigations
    • Safety and security plans
    • Executive protection
    • Background checks
    • Corporate and industrial espionage
    • Internal investigations
    • Arson investigations
    • Locating and interviewing witnesses

Affiliate Services

There are a few security related services that Alert Security does not provide personally. In-depth technical knowledge, training, or additional licensing create business segments that are best served by industry experts. Due to our reputation in the security industry, however, Alert Security, Inc. has affiliates in virtually all of these additional areas. This means you can turn to Alert Security and Investigations, Inc. for all of your security needs at home and at work.

Polygraph Services (Lie Detector Tests)
Commercial & Industrial Alarm Systems

Video Surveillance
Fire Alarms

Home Intrusion Alarms
Computer Forensics